About simercator

simercator is a Munich based startup founded by Dr. Philipp Emanuel Stelzig and Benjamin Rodenberg.

photo of simercator team

"We believe that simulation engineers should use their passion and knowledge to develop great technology. Sharing simulation models will boost simulation and help simulation engineers just like sharing code boosts software development and helps software engineers every day. This is why we develop a cloud software that allows companies to share their simulation models without giving them away."

Dr. Philipp Emanuel Stelzig (CEO & CTO)

photo of Dr. Philipp Emanuel Stelzig

As a mathematician with PhDs from the Technical University of Munich and the University of Trento, Philipp’s main passion is modeling, simulation and simulation software development. Philipp has now more than 10 years of industry experience. Prior to founding simercator, Philipp has held various positions in a tech company around simulation, analytics and software development: Head of machine analytics, product owner for edge computing applications and project manager for energy design software as well as interactive simulation technology with virtual reality frontends.

Benjamin Rodenberg, M.Sc. (hons) (CSO)

photo of Benjamin Rodenberg

Benjamin is a computer scientist and holds an honors Master’s degree from the Technical University of Munich. Thinking simulation software and algorithms out-of-the-box is Benjamin’s core motivation; from creating immersive frontends for 3D simulation to making simulation in engineering more user-friendly, accessible and understandable. Besides co-founding simercator, Benjamin has done academic research focused on algorithms and simulation software, in particular coupling of simulation softwares into one cooperative simulation.