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Simulation model catalog

The simercator catalog is the heart of every simercator cloud. Here, you can easily browse all models you have access to and manage your own models.

The catalog features

  • an intuitive full-text search
  • detailed description for every model on inputs, outputs, parameters
  • management utilities for model owners and model admins

Simulation model as a service

simercator allows you to evaluate ready-to-use simulation models in the browser or to download a protected model clone for local usage.

With simercator's technology you

  • easily wrap your own models so they can be run from simercator's web inteface
  • get an auto-generated web interface for your model including interactive output visualizations to choose from
  • can offer and obtain simulation models as doppelgaengers for local usage in standards like the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI)
  • keep your original model safely on the server while local doppelgaengers are merely hollow shells

Simulation model managment

As an authorized user you can upload your own models, manage access rights and even update your model with new versions.

The management functionalities include

  • model upload for models that can be wrapped into plain Python or come as functional mockup units (FMU)
  • access control to manage which other users may see and evaluate the model or even help you to administrate it
  • model versioning to ensure reproducibility, add new versions, and enable or disable single versions

Simulation data analytics

Simulation data analytics helps you to understand your customer's future needs, because simulation is mostly about what will be built. A benefit also for your customers, because you will be able to satisfy their requirements even better.

With simercator's interactive simulation data analytics you can

  • understand how your simulation model is being used
  • quantitatively analyze and relate simulation requests to your model
  • trace model evaluations for model improvements and debugging of errors
  • provide better support for your model's users

Adaptive design and flexible hosting options

simercator is designed to offer all the flexibility and adaptability needed in a corporate environment.

Therefore it features

  • different hosting options such as managed hosting, or self-hosting on premise
  • individual support in simulation modeling, wrapping and automation
  • customization of the user interface according to your corporate identity

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