A new outfit for simercator

Monday last week simercator.com went online with a new and modern outfit. A big thank you to Christopher Lorenz who worked with us on the redesign of the website during July.

The most obvious update is the new layout, but we also added a whole series of screenshots and a short video of our product to give you a better impression what simercator actually is and what kind of problems you can solve with simercator. Finally, there is also a dedicated product page with more details on simercator. We hope this raises your interest. If yes: Feel encouraged to press our brand-new “Request Demo” button in the navigation bar.

But there are also some changes that are invisible and might be interesting for you, if you are building your own website: We started using github for developing our website. This comes with all the usual benefits of github: We can keep track of older version, have several contributors that take care of the website and the overall development cycle feels more natural to us. Additionally, we moved from our old Wordpress-based system to Jekyll & Bootstrap. At the same time, the whole system is markdown-based (a speciality of Christopher) for components that need regular updates. This keeps the technical barrier low. As an example, Here is the source code for this blog post:

To summarize: We are glad that we moved to our new website! We found a place where we feel at home and there is still plenty of room for more to come. Are you missing anything on the website? Feel free to contact us via mail or on LinkedIn.